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上海 Rapper 的英文说唱,绝对不比国外华人差!

2021-03-01 06:05:46光来之前

No Less

Tommy Sire首张EP <No Less>正式发布!

2014年8月的<Ascension: One> mixtape之后,历经4年之久,Tommy Sire终于推出了首张个人EP< No Less>.

<No Less> is Shanghai based Hip Hop artist Tommy Sire’s debut solo project.

<No Less>的本意为”Nobody is less than anybody, I’m no less than anybody else”希望通过这张EP可以让所有人都体会到每个人追求目标的权利是平等的。无需畏惧他人的看法,唯一重要的看法来自于你自己。在如今众口难调,键盘侠横行的互联网时代,很多人也许会因为一个陌生人的看法而打击到自己追求幸福的信心,Tommy Sire只想告诉你,“你不比别人差,无需被他人的看法左右你的决心”。

<No Less> is a message which encourages people to chase the lives they want, and do not care about the opinions that don’t matter. Everyone has an equal rights to chase and to fulfill. If anyone on the internet that you don’t know has spoken something negative to you, all you can do is see them as haters and keep pushing your limits. “You are no less than anybody”.

参与本张EP的制作人分别来自英国和美国,Anthony Panagi(英国),Dude Clayy,E-Trou,808 Trel以及Kvng Zuzi都来自美国。 唯一一段客串Verse来自于多年老友Bryan King,本曲<Bounce 2.0>也是四年前<Ascension: One>mixtape上歌曲<Bounce>的续集。

Even though Tommy Sire is based in Shanghai, China, the producers for the instrumentals are all based in England and U.S.A. And the only feature he gets is from his long time friend Bryan King who is based in Las Vegas. The featured track <Bounce 2.0> is also a sequel of the most popular track on <Ascension: One> project <Bounce>.

(图为Tommy Sire与Bryan King)

有人问“为什么要唱那么多英文?”,希望大家可以仔细看一下歌词的内容,比起目前混迹在国内并在国外长大的华人来说,Tommy Sire的英文歌词完全不落下风,甚至更胜一筹。这也是Tommy Sire表达自己No Less的一个方式。

Even though this is a bilingual rap project (Chinese&English). People always ask him why he likes to rap in English so much, if you take a close look at the lyrics you would find out he is more than just a little bit better than those “Chinese’ rappers who do the same thing. That’s another way Tommy Sire wants to show the world that he is no less.

大家可以去各大音乐平台搜索"Tommy Sire"或者"No Less"收听整张EP。



<Lights Out>

写于2015年,开头Tommy Sire就提出一个问题 “Did you make it pop yet?” 歌中也表达了看不惯那些号称自己是中国HipHop的推动者,但相比于贡献他们做出的更多是负面影响。


<Bounce 2.0>

这首就不多说了,没有很严肃的想法需要表达,只希望大家跟着音乐一起bounce。有兴趣的朋友可以去各大音乐平台搜索一下<Ascension: One>中收录的<Bounce>.然后可以2首连着听。


<i Do Me>

这首歌中Tommy Sire也表达了自己不愿意多掺和圈子里的一些事,情愿做自己的姿态。同时也提到了自己和Bryan King共同创建的厂牌AMG。



这是一首写给ladies的歌曲,歌中Tommy Sire把女性比作花朵,散发芬芳。


<No Miss>

歌中Tommy Sire很好的展现了其中英文切换的flow,不仅语言,flow方面的切换也颇多。副歌中 “ I gotta do this right now you know, when you're slackin' you'd be seeing me go. Ain't nobody's seein' me, nobody's feelin' me, 想成为mini me, nobody's beatin' me,想将我击倒却显示all miss, I don't make one hit bro, I make all hits.”也是对于其他说唱歌手一个警示,如果自己不努力,那么很容易会被别人赶超。其中No Miss表达的意思是“弹无虚发”,表示只要Sire出击,就能全中。 “All Hits, No Miss”也是一语双关,不仅把自己的歌曲称作hits也把说唱领域比喻为一个枪林弹雨的战场。


<Kill'em All>

歌中Tommy Sire也表达了对其余一些说唱歌手的看不惯。具体是谁,大家自己慢慢想象吧。

Tommy Sire从2007年开始从事Hip Hop音乐的创作和表演,演出合作过的艺人包括欧洲格莱美得奖说唱歌手“Dogge Dogglito”、中国说唱元老Tim Wu、美国加州说唱歌手Bryan King以及底特律新生代说唱歌手Tone Perignon。合作过的音乐制作人包括来自杭州的新生代制作人Kast Chain、Pharrel Williams DJ大赛前5强DJ Vance、著名制作人Scottie Spitts、E-Trou、Dude Clayy、808 Trel以及Anthony Panagi等等。

He has been making rap music since 2007 and has worked with big names such as: European Grammy winner “Dogge Dogglito”, TimWu, Bryan King, DJ Vance, Scottie Spits, Grey Lee, Merty Shango, Dude Clayy, E-Trou, Kvng Zuzi, 808Trel and Anthony Panagi.

Tommy在2012年至2014年与美国知名说唱歌手Bryan King组成“The Ascendants”,席卷中国Hip Hop圈,将中英文结合的说唱理念迚一步传播给世界,他们在2014年发布的混音专辑《Ascension: One》在虾米音乐上获得9.9的高分点赞。

Tommy Sire has released 20 tracks and 2 mixtapes on different platforms so far, the mixtape <Ascension: One> with his long time friend “Bryan King” which has been released in 2014 has got 9.9 point on Chinese music stream platform “Xiami”.

Tommy Sire的说唱flow可以在中英文之间切换自如,用一种与世无争的态度去阐述生活以及想法。

Tommy Sire effortlessly switches his flow from Chinese to English and has been grinding now for a decade to bring to the world his unmatched talent and wit.

希望各位可以enjoy <No Less> EP

Hope you enjoy listening to the music.

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